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When you speak about World War II, do you ever make blanket statements about the Germans such as “When the Germans invaded Poland in 1939…..”? Do you hold Germany responsible for the things that took place on it’s soil and under it’s leadership even if not every single German person agreed with those policies or participated in atrocities?

You are aware that ordinary Germans also suffered during WWII, and that many of them did what they could to hide and help their Jewish neighbors, right?

Time and time again I hear grumbling, pushback, and outright rage when there is…

Why Can’t We Come To Consensus?

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While seeking sexual gratification in combination with power has been shown to predict sexual harassment (Kunstman and Maner, 2011), it is not the only factor. When sexual harassment is used to demand sexual favors in return for a material benefit (e.g., sexual favors in exchange for getting a promotion), sexual gratification may be a stronger factor. However, in many cases, sexual desire is relatively insignificant, as power motives, personality, and aggression play a larger role. …

The Strange Sociology Of This Little Corner of the Internet

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A lot’s already been written and said about the weird side of people that gets brought out by the relative anonymity of the internet, but as a student of human behavior I just can’t help noticing and sharing about a couple of kooky things that have happened to (and around me) as I talk with people in these parts.

It’s no secret than on the interwebs if someone can’t challenge what you are saying logically or with data, a certain type of person will resort to some kind of name…

True Racist or Just a Jerk?

On July 4, 2018, Adam Bloom, a member of the homeowner’s association and the chair of the pool of the Glenridge Community in Winston-Salem, North Carolina took it upon himself to question a Black woman, Jasmine Edwards, about whether or not she belonged there. You need a key card to get into that pool, but for some reason he didn’t think that was enough and questioned whether or not Ms. Edwards had the right to be using the pool. …

Helping Others Makes Us Feel Really Good

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Yesterday there were workers on my roof and their trucks were all over the driveway. I had to park my car in the front of the house but this turned out to be a really good thing. As I was heading to my car to run some errands after lunch I saw a little dachshund running down the street. In close pursuit was my yard guy, Ish, who also takes care of our next door neighbor’s yard. They are pretty new and I don’t know them well. …

Hands-free Doesn’t Mean Brain-free

In the car accident pictured above, this Tesla Model S ran into a firetruck at 60 miles per house without breaking. It was unknown whether or not the Autopilot feature was engaged at the time, but what was truly remarkable about this crash was that the driver walked away with only a broken ankle.

She ran full-on into a firetruck at 60 miles per hour and only sustained a broken ankle! Why is that not the headline story?

“On March 23, (2018, Walter) Huang crashed his Model X into a median on a California highway while…

When You Love People But Need A Lot of Alone Time

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Yesterday I set up my meditation app to play sounds of rushing water for 15 minutes and then I closed my eyes to retreat into some blissful solitude. When the gong came at the end, I opened up my eyes to see that I had “friend requests” from 2 other people. “Thanks for meditating with me,” they began. My knee jerk response (which I fortunately just said in my head and not to them) was, “Leave me the fuck alone. I want to meditate in peace.” …

My Alter-Ego Who Battles Bullying and Shoddy Debate

Standing for Truth, Justice and Linear, Well Crafted Arguments

I comment on probably 60–70% of the articles I read, which means I comment a lot. I don’t typically “hate read” or go after articles whose premise I’m pretty sure I’m going to disagree with, but I do like to say something about what resonated or not for me in the ones that I enjoyed, which is frankly, a lot of them. There’s usually something interesting or insightful in everything I read and it’s the main reason I joined Medium — to be able to interact with other people’s thoughts and ideas.

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You’ve done the planning and the groundwork. You’ve gotten clear about wanting or needing to move out of one phase of your life and into another one, and are just about ready to embrace it. This could be anything from starting a new job or relationship to simply doing your life in a slightly different manner. Maybe you’ve determined to speak up for yourself more often or to be more nakedly authentic. The new place is ripe with possibility and promise. Then why does it feel so darn terrifying?

Because you are standing in a threshold!

What’s on the other…

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You’ve no doubt heard that most people listen to respond rather than to understand, but I think it’s actually worse than that. Too often people listen (or read) to dominate the other person; to show them just how wrong they are and perhaps even how stupid they are for holding such an outlook. I know…. it’s the interwebs, but why is this such a prevalent part of communication, particularly online communication, and how can we do better?

I joined Medium a couple of months ago for the express purpose of interacting with other people’s thoughts and ideas and for having…

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Student of human nature and advocate for a safer, saner, more love-infused world. If I read it, there’s a good chance I’ll leave a comment.

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